The Best Dental Marketing Tips for Growing Your Practice

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Published: 29th June 2012
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One of the primary reasons for having a website is to market your practice and grow your client list. If your dental website isn’t delivering the results you’d hoped for, it may be time for a mini-makeover. These five suggestions are among the best dental marketing tips offered by web design and SEO companies who specialize in dental internet marketing.

Do Keyword Research

Before you do anything else, figure out the search terms that people would use to find your dental practice. Take off your dentist cap and think like a patient – what would they be looking for? Some suggestions include “kids dentist” for a pediatric dental practice and “teeth whitening” for a dentist that does cosmetic procedures. A good dental Internet marketing company can help you come up with the most likely search terms for your practice.

Search for Your Business Online

Using the keywords you’ve optimized your site for, search for your business on Google, Bing, Yahoo and at local directories. Don’t search specifically for your name. Instead, use keywords like “your city dentist” and “cosmetic dentist your town”. If you don’t turn up on the search results first page, your website needs to be better optimized. You can do it yourself or you can contact a company that specializes in SEO for dentists to do it for you.

Check Your Website Statistics

Before you go charging in to fix something, you need to know what to fix. The statistics for your website can tell you a lot. For example:

If you have very few visitors referred by search engines, you need to optimize your dental website better and consider PPC marketing or advertising on other websites.
If people come to your homepage and immediately leave – a high bounce rate – your page design may load too slowly, be confusing or not give the message you want to deliver. A dental marketing company can help you rewrite content and redesign your page to keep people on your site long enough to make an appointment.
If people click on several links then leave your site without contacting your business, they may be confused about how to contact your office. Is your contact form easy to find? Is your telephone number prominently displayed?
Add Pictures

Pictures are among the best dental marketing tools you can use. Here are four ways that photos can increase the results your website delivers:

Photos of yourself and your staff put a face on your practice. People are more likely to trust a business if they can put a face to it.
Photos of your office help people feel at home with your practice. Highlight special features – a kids’ area, for example, or luxury spa amenities.
Before and after photos show potential patients the results you can achieve and make them more likely to book an appointment.
Photos of equipment and dental appliances help people visualize the items and give them information they need to make a decision.
Add a Blog

A blog helps you add SEO value to your website and gives you a chance to provide information to your patients and potential patients. If you or someone in your office has time to regularly update a blog, you can use it to connect your dental practice to your community with posts about visits to local schools or other events your practice participates in.

Looking for more than just a few tips? Shop around for the best dental marketing agency in your area and book a consultation for more in-depth suggestions.

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